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The Paper Cones are manufactured with moisture proof paste strong enough to
tolerate higher doff weights within humid atmosphere of department. These are produced accurately in fine balance as per you requirements. It has high quality performance on high-speed knitting and wrapping. We provide prompt delivery service with assured quality products.

Depending upon the application the specification of the cone varies. The popular sizes in the present Textile Industries are 9°15', 5° 57', 4° 20', 3° 30', etc.

These are paper cones with waxed surface used in construction industry as concrete void formers. These bolt boxes enable easy bolt location adjustment with minimum displacement of reinforcement and concrete.


The fully automatic high performance paper cone production line from our company is designed for efficient manufacturing of paper cones in various sizes required by the spinning industry.
This production line facilitates cost effective results in comparison with production with individual operation.
Conical bolt boxes provide an ideal meansof sitting fixing boltsinto ground floors of steel frame buildings or similar applications.
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